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Capturing your Memories
About the artist

 Welcome, I am Ellen C. Lyner.

 I have  been an artist and a theme designer for more then 38 years.

My artwork is collected across the United States was well as Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan.

My background started with a B.F.A. degree in theater design/ Fine Arts from Webster University, where I graduated with honors.

After 25 year of working in the entertainment and advertising field for many large corporations and parks, I was able to return to my real love of painting and animals.

All my life I have grew up with some of my best friends being my pets.

As an artist I wanted to created pieces of art that would capture the sentiment and feeling that we share with our fur babies.

I also wanted to create items that would be useful and be past down in a family, so that the stories of the loved shared would be pasted on. I hope you find something that I could create for you to capture your special relationship with you family pet.