Remy And Tylet


Remy and Tylet are the two beautiful souls who lived with us for over 15 years between the two of them . They each brought an amazing form of love and caring that filled each of our lives .

Tylet was a true birthday wish come true for my daughter Lauren. You see when she was going to turn 5 we took a trip to Florida to see grandma. Every chance Lauren got she told people it going to be my birthday and that she wanted a grey and white kitten for her very own.

Now we already had 3 cats and I told her she could not have another. But for two weeks my four year old told any waitress or person on the street "I am going to be five and I want a grey and white kitten for my very own."

On a return trip to home we were about 20 mins from arriving home and my older daughter who had stayed home called and ask how far from home we were, because she had just gotten to the house and in the tree out side the library is a 3 month grey and white kitten up in the tree and she wanted to know what to do . She did not know of Lauren's wish but heaven did. So you see birthday wishing works and what a gift she was for Lauren for 15 year. Tylet passed last month after a sudden stroke.

Remy showed up covered in mud in a rain storm. We nick named her crabby, because she always had an opinion about everything. never saw a cat talk so much. She won the heart of my husband Bob. He said she understood him. They were both Crabby. He took on the roll of care taker for these beautiful souls and they meant the world to him. Remy would greet him each morning and wander with him as he took his shower and got dress and was there waiting for him in the evening to ask him about his day.

He had never let a cat in to his world before  and couldn't believe how much she added to his life. Remy passed at home after two days of sleeping and getting up exploring the inside and outside of the house and then finally laid down and said goodbye with one faint cry. Sleep well sweet souls.

We will carry you with us every day in our hearts. Thank you for gracing our lives.