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The Copper Mare Collection

Glass Cutting Boards:

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Personalize this item for a really special gift

This product can be customized for you, using a favorit photo and or name of your pet . They can be inserted into the custom artwork you see in the  Dog Breed Collection .

A new  totally personalized design can be created for you at an additional fee.  See "Personalized" for this selection. A layout will be sent for approval before the item is created and sent to you. Please allow 2 weeks for the design process.




Dog Breed Collection 


Sizes come in  :  8 x 11   priced  $38.50 offered below      

                               12 x15  Ex Large priced  $48.50

For ex -large: select your breed then, add the exlarge selection button to add the $10.00 charge for the larger size.